Yuri Kotobiki




Tokyo, Japan






Chapter 3


Yuri has long blue colored hair with blue eyes. She has a large bust and waist, she is one of the top beautiful women in school.


Yuri comes off as smart, beautiful, and carefree. She is easy to get along with and likes to have fun. Despite her popularity, Yuri has low confidence and has a tendency to become lonely, especially in her relationships. As a result, she uses sex with different men as a means to fill her loneliness. After Kido broke up with her, Yuri began to mature and decided to focus on her dream instead of love.


Tatsuhiko’s first girlfriend. They had a good relationship at the start but ended abruptly as Kido found out with the help of Emiru by following her around town and finds she was cheating and using him for time until the weekends, in which she has relation's with another man. She loves him very much and spends a lot of time being intimate with him. Because of this he breaks up with her, which leaves her devastated. She and Kido avoid each other at school afterwards.

After Emiru disappears, she calls Kido, being their first contact since their breakup, and asks him if he would be willing to meet her at a restaurant they used to go to together.  When Kido asks her about the man she cheated on him with, Kotobuki reveals that she broke up with him the night she came to Kido's apartment. She tells Kido how she is concentrating on her dream and not love, which prompts Kido to tell her that he's glad he fell in love with her.  He also calls her "Yuri-chan", his affectionate nickname for her, for the first time since their last passionate encounter. Kotobuki turns around, saying she's not good with these sort of things, bidding him farewell. She leaves smiling with tears running down her face, now on good terms with her ex.


  • In Nozomi to Kimio, Yuri and her "weekend" boyfriend, made a cameo appearance in a TV show, depicting Nozoki Ana events.

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